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The POSy-SystemTM is currently available through consulting services at PE&T. 


PE&T is pleased to announce a business alliance with Sarom Global. Check them out at for additional services they can offer. 


The POSy-SystemTM has been used in automotive manufacturing, injection molding, blow-molding, pharmaceutical and petro-chemical industries where multi-variables make finding optimal solutions difficult at best.


If you wish to improve your process efficiencies give us a call or email us for a preliminary discussion and to book an appointment. We guarantee results to improve your process and output (quality and quantity), or there is no charge. There is not any other process optimization company that can or will make that claim and guarantee.


Roland Nelson, President & CEO


PE&T will take your complex multi-variable systems and turn them to positive results and improvements with the application of our POSy-System.

Customized Programs

PE&T will customize our programs for your specific requirements to meet your needs.There are simple customizeable programs for up to 19 variables. However, 

further customizing may be done for any number of variables.


PE&T will consult on design issues to ensure your design is fully optimized from the beginning prior to build. 

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