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Please press this button for a presentation on how PE&T's POSy-SystemTM works and how we can assist you with your optimization requirements. 

The POSy-System is not only the latest in process optimization technology, it is the fastest and most accurate.

Sir Fisher - the father of statistical analysis and DOE's. 

Dr. Taguchi - simplification using orthogonal arrays. The POSy-System utilizes principles of both Sir Fisher's and Dr. Taguchi's work to achieve greater accuracy for process optimization.

Roland Nelson - developer of POSy-System

The POSy-System - what is it?



Six Sigma doctrine suggests that continuous improvement is necessary to slowly improve processes. But what if you can achieve the best your system can get?

Implementation of Six-Sigma involves endless rounds of statistical analysis DOE's to make improvements. The POSy-System determines very quickly the best you can get with the equipment you have.

In essence, the POSy-System is an accelerated or lean Six Sigma process.

Typical reactor layout - here is an example of multiple variables from the oil and gas industry. But you can use the POSy-System on any process with multi-variables.

How does POSy-System work?

An initial design of experiment is developed for trials/tests.


The user then provides exact specifications of the desired product or goals of the process.


Using the data generated from the trials the POSy-System then reverse engineers from the goals through the data to determine the set points necessary to achieve your goals.


Results provide a higher efficiency, the best quality and with minimal waste.


How do some engineers or technicians optimize?

How does statistical analysis work?

Error generation is increased with each iteration

How POSy-System works

The POSy-System is accurate and verifiable.

DOE's up to 19 variables can easily be administered.

The POSy-System determines a 3-dimensional matrix of variables against the sweet-spot. Once dynamic variables are included it determines a 4-dimensional matrix to accommodate the dynamic variations.

The POSy-System determines true optimization with greater than 95 percentile certainty.

Optimization curves for each variable show the exact set points required to make improvements to your process.

Trending curves for dynamic variation (eg. humidity, viscosity or temperature) can be determined for accurate process control.

The POSy-System - Benefits

Simple issues cause "Sweet Spot" to drift

How does modelling software (iterative systems) work?

The final result is often skewed due to error

Drifting "Sweet Spot" still produces quality production

Often the variables are in conflict with each other creating the fluctuations of process you see above. The POSy-System generates a smoother working relationship between variables since they have been optimized to be all working towards the same goal.  Advanced Process Control with POSy-System can achieve greater output, quality and profit.

The POSy-System - behind the scenes mathematics

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