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  • Is your system a statistical analysis program or system?
    The POSy-System is the next generation of process optimization programming. It utilizes new algorithms to ensure greater accuracy and precision than standard statistical analysis algorithms and modelling software.
  • Is your system a predictive or regression analysis program using iterative methods?
    No. Predictive, regression analysis, and other iterative methods and programs generate errors such that their values become more suspect with each iteration. This type of method does not lend itself to accuracy and precision.
  • If its not a statistical analysis program or a predictive analysis program, then what is it?"
    Its a completely new system with algorithms that use measurements to defined data. The error that is generated is significantly less than traditional statistical analysis and iterative methods and has a better than 95-percentile accuracy.
  • How does the POSy-System compare to standard statistical analysis?
    The POSy-System is like a fighter jet compared to a bi-plane. A single iteration of the POSy-System is equivalent to over 10 iterations of statistical analysis methods thereby saving you time and money.
  • What if our variables use different units of measurement?
    Almost all multi-variable systems use different units of measurement. The POSy-System takes those units into consideration within the calculations.
  • What about influences of one variable to another?
    The POSy-System takes that information into consideration withing the calculations.
  • Is the POSy-System just another optimization computer program?
    No. The POSy-System utilizes programming because of the great number of calculations that are required, but it is a system of defined steps and an analysis method that no one has done before. The results speak for themselves as they provide stable systems with higher production efficiencies and lower waste providing greater returns of investment.
  • Can we use your system for continuous monitoring to make the most of updating of our process similar to Advanced Process Control?
    Yes. We can customize the results from the POSy-System for inclusion in Advanced Process Control (APC). Every APC system is a little different but customization of your particular APC system can be done.
  • How many calculations does the POSy-System use?
    The POSy-System uses approximately half a million unit calculations.
  • How long did it take you to create?
    It took approximately 3 years of independent research and tests to develop.
  • Can we purchase your system?
    Yes. The POSy-System is proprietary and is available for sale through designated Licensees. Contact PE&T for services - for a presentation and demonstration, for test trials, or to obtain a contact for your industry and area.
  • Is the POSy-System patented?
    Yes. The POSy-System was patented and trademarked in the USA as of 2021. This means that it has also been strictly peered reviewed. The Canadian patent is still pending but is expected later this year.
  • How can I be a Licencee?
    Contact PE&T at to initiate discussion.
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